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Unlimited Messages without any added costs

Write as many messages as you want to parents, students or staff of the center, with no cost per message. You can choose which users shall have permission to write messages and you can decide, in addition, to those who can write.

With our platform, sending messages is easy, intuitive and instantaneous. You can also include questions of all kinds. Choose who is allowed to write in your school and who will receive the messages. Forget about calls, emails, papers and intranets. Use Dinantia as your school management system.

Ask questions and receive answers in a centralized manner

Request authorizations with legal validity for an exit, summon meetings in a practical way, allow parents to justify the absences of their children, verify the level of attendance to events, make surveys to learn the opinions of teachers, parents and students, etc.

The possibilities are endless with our platform where you can ask questions in such an easy way.

Attach any kind of file

You can attach any type of file to send a message. Parents and students will be able to download and share. If the file is a photo, video or PDF files can be viewed directly, without going out of Dinantia.

Manage your sendings in a more flexible way

Create groups quickly, and organize them hierarchicly. You can send a message to one or many groups, to just one person, to the entire school, to different levels, etc. A professor that can only send messages to other parents in his class, another teacher who can send messages to the whole primary, the football coach that only sends to his team, the head of secretary to the entire school, etc.

Groups calendar

When you create an event you will be able to indicate which group it affects. This way, parents will only see the events that affect their children. Students will only see the events that directly affect them.

Parents with several children will clearly differentiate them by colors. Any user can easily synchronize a calendar event with his own calendar of Android or iPhone.

Attendance check from any device

Check your class attendances whenever you want, from your computer, mobile phone or tablet. It takes less than 1 minute.

If you want to, parents of absent students will receive an automatic notification informing them of their child's absence. They will be able to justify the absence from their own cellphone by attaching a proof.

You will have statistics with the attendance of each student, for each group, periods, summaries per class, etc.

Stop Bullying

Our platform puts at the disposal of all schools the tool Stop Bullying, that allows students and parents to report any case of bullying while receiving advice through the chat. The Center will appoint a responsible of bullying that will be in charge of handling the cases.

Communication via this tool is anonymous and is the user who decides if they wants to reveal their identity. The communication is always encrypted to ensure confidentiality.

School menu

Create a school menu and parents will be able to see it from the cellphone, where they can check what their children are eating on a daily basis. You can include as many variables as you want, is fully customizable.

The section of the school menu is one of the most seen by parents; create a menu and you will increase their satisfaction levels.

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You control the communication

Do you want to communicate with parents, students or both? Do you want that parents and students are also able to send messages to the center? If you activate bidirectionality you can also decide who can write (tutors, secretary, administration, etc.). In this case, the professors and staff may set up the time slots during which they want to receive messages.

In addition, if you are an administrator, you will be able to check all messages sent from Dinantia. With our platform, you control the communication.

Learn who reads your messages, statistics

With Dinantia you will know at all times, for each message, who read it and at what time, whether they have the app installed or if they receive messages by email. You will be able to consult reading stats per group while sending reminders to the users who haven't read a message yet.

When you ask a question you will also have statistics with the answers, and you can download the data in Excel format. Send a reminder to those users who have not replied yet, and get reading and reply ratios of close to 100%.

Decide who can send messages

Select with ease the members of the school that can send messages: professors, administration, PTAs, etc. Limit your recipients so the members previously mentioned can only write to whom you decide.

Contact details always confidential

Despite being a mobile app, you don't need anybody's contact details to make it work. The only thing you will need is an email address of parents and teachers to activate them inside the system. Even this address will be confidential, as no user can view the other emails. Only administrators have access to this data.

Additionally, we use a new registration system, which does not require having to give parents any code or password. Parents only need an email of their choice so they are able to register.

Aplicación personalizada

Customized app

Dinantia is always available for your school in both its standard and customized versions; the latter includes your school's logo and name. With the standard version you can enjoy the app at a reduced price. You can download it from both Google Play and App Store.

If you choose the customized verison we will publish your app at Google Play and App Store with the name, logo and colors of your school. Project an image of innovation, stand out from the crowd and empower the people's sense of belonging with your customized app.

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Send Newsletters

Unify ALL of your school's communication with Dinantia. Create attractive newsletters in a simple way, and like this you won't have to use multiple programs to manage your communication. You will be able to send newsletters to your students parents, ex-students as well as parents that are potentially interested in enrolling their children in your school.

Same as with the messages, the users that have installed the app will receive their newsletters directly on their mobile phones, and those who don't on their emails. In any case you will receive statistics.

Publish news in your wall

Pubish your school's news in the app's wall module. Each news that you publish will be associated to one or various groups, in such a way that the wall will adapt to each person's interests. You will be able to attach pictures and archives in every news that you post.

Same as from messages, the wall news will send a notification to mobiles, so its ideal for the content you want to feature.

Perform the daily folow-up in class

With the follow-up module you can define those activities that you want to register daily in class. These can be positive (collaborates with its companions, participates in class, has done its homework, etc.) or negative (warnings, expulsions, bullying, etc.) You decide what you want to register, and for each activity you can decide if it'll be communicated to the parents or not.

Improve the participation of your students and increase their motivation through positive reinforcement and gamification.