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Your school’s app

Your own app, with the school’s name. Project a high specialized image among the parents of your students and future students.


Include your school logo and colors to get a personalized look & feel.

Flexible message management

Easily decide if you want to send a message to the entire school, to a class or just to the parents’ of a specific student.

Instant communications at no cost

If your students’ parents use their mobile to communicate among themselves, why do you continue to use old technologies?

No additional cost per message

Send as many notifications as you need, individual or grouped, with no additional cost.

Attached documents

Not only can you send plain text, but also PDF attachments with your messages.

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  • Dinantia
  • Dinantia


The app’s language settings are user definable

School menu always available

Having the school menu close to hand is one of the apps’ contents most valued by parents.

Which is the most effective communication system?

  • e-mail
    • Sin costeWithout cost
    • Ratio aperturaOpening ratio: 25%
    • Tiempo aperturaAverage time to open:
      6 hours
    • AdjuntosAttached files: YES
  • SMS
    • Sin costeCost per message
    • Ratio aperturaOpening ratio: 90%
    • Tiempo aperturaAverage time to open:
      14 minutes
    • AdjuntosAttached files: NO
  • Mobile App
    • Sin costeWithout cost
    • Ratio aperturaOpening ratio: 93%
    • Tiempo aperturaAverage time to open:
      12 minutes
    • AdjuntosAttached files: YES

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